Our Programs

Our Philosophy

At Reforming Arts we believe that improvisational techniques build trust, allows for a safe space for storytelling, inspires creativity, and provides a place to build community. Furthermore, we’ve observed that co-learner facilitated liberal arts classes creates empowered critical and creative thinkers.

We believe in and rely heavily on Paulo Freire's theories of Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed and David Diamond's Theatre for Living.

Higher Education in Prison

Whitworth Women’s Facility and Pulaski State Prison

Our College in Prison program uses theatre-infused liberal arts curriculum to deliver college classes through a partnership with Georgia State University.

The program uses applied theatre techniques to foster creative-critical thinking. We believe it promotes self-actualization, connection, community, compassion, and consciousness-raising, all of which are essential components of the type of space and experience we are invested in creating.

Our current certificate program in theatre-infused liberal arts takes two years to accomplish and requires students to complete 47 credit hours.

Four actors standing in front of music stands rehearsing their lines with a stage in the background

Theatre Reentry Project

Based in Metro Atlanta

The Theatre Reentry Project creates, presents staged readings of, and tours original plays about the experiences of reentering citizens. Participants are individuals who were formerly enrolled in Reforming Arts' higher education program during their incarceration as well as other individuals who were formerly incarcerated in women's prisons in Georgia.

Participants work with Reforming Arts to create original plays that explore the struggles and complexities of reentry and the systemic problems surrounding mass incarceration in the United States.