The Reforming Arts

This page is meant to supplement Reforming Arts' Project Forward Application for Mailchimp.

Supplemental Materials

Theatre Reentry Project Script Sample 

Utopia the Musical

This script sample was taken from an original play created by our Theatre Reentry Project participants. The play is about understanding personal perspectives of Utopia. This example was developed collectively by participants in the Theatre Reentry Project.

Utopia The Musical Reentry

City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs Arts Organization Contracts for Services 2021 Application

2021 Application

We recently prepared this application for the City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs. We feel it gives a better overall understanding of our organization, beyond the past year. Because of COVID-19, our Last Year's Revenue and Income are not indicative of our past performance. We believe the financials shown here given a better picture of our growth over the last three years. Additionally, the proposal includes some of the details of the impact of COVID on our organization and our future plans for reentry services.

2021-2022 OCA Reforming Arts FULL APPLICATION

Intra-Active Theatre Syllabus

Whitworth Women's Prison

This syllabus is from our Higher Education in Prison program and demonstrates our values and how our programs operate. While it is from our in-prison programs, we utilize the same pedagogical approach in our reentry programs. It also demonstrates our commitment to excellence and rigorous artistic education.

Intra-active Theatre Syllabus W19 v2-ReformingArts

Borealis Philanthropy LOI

Submitted May 2021

This LOI was submitted earlier this year to Borealis Philanthropy. It provides a more concise introduction to our organization.

Reforming Arts LOI 2021 CTPF Borealis Philanthropy